Premio Ospitalità Italiana - VII Edition

Ospitalità Italiana

Rules and regulations


1. Customers can send their vote to Isnart via the Internet following the instructions on the websites

2. The customers of the competing facilities will be informed about their opportunity to vote through information cards

3. The information cards will be personalised for each competing facility and will clearly and uniformly display the voting code and method.

4. The mark will be a whole number (no decimal point), in a 1 to 10 rating scale, where 1 is the minimum and 10 the maximum; the mark expresses the overall level of satisfaction experienced by the client at the end of the stay in the competing facility.

5. Each phone number/email address can vote up to a maximum of 3 facilities a day, during the entire duration of the competition, up to a total of 10 votes.

6. The same structure cannot be voted twice by the same phone number/email address.


7. Only the votes submitted within February 28, 2014 will be considered valid.

8. The minimum number of votes is at most 20% (twenty percent) of the Total Theoretical Occupation (TTO), where Total Theoretical Occupation is calculated as follows : for restaurants, TTO is the number of covers available, multiplied by the number of calendar days dedicated to voting, multiplied by 2 (lunch and dinner); for hotels, TTO is the number of beds available, multiplied by the number of calendar days dedicated to voting. If the minimum number of votes is not reached, the further facility will be selected . The numbers thus obtained shall be rounded up or down.

Selection method

9. Three facilities in each category shall be selected using the following parameters: average vote, technical vote, online reviews. .

10. For each facility, the average vote shall be calculated, rounding up/down the sixth decimal digit.

11. In the event of a tie (see previous article), the establishment which has the highest relationship between total number of votes obtained (numerator) and the minimum number of votes (point 8) shall be selected; the numbers thus obtained shall be rounded up or down to the third decimal digit.

12. In the event of a further tie, the winner will be selected by random draw.

Prizes assignment method

13. The Prize-winner for each category shall be decided by a National Committee.

14. The Committee is composed of 9 members chosen at the discretion of Isnart. There is no compensation for voting. Votes shall be cast by declaration, transmitted by electronic means.

15. Each member shall be called to vote after looking at the technical voting, the popular voting and other information supports, such as internet services voting (i.e. Tripadvisor) chosen at the discretion of Isnart with irrevocable trust. Each member can vote for only one candidate per category. The candidate which receives the highest numer of votes shall win the Prize for its category.

16. The Committee, following the same voting method (see art. 15), shall decide which facility, among the candidates, shall win the top prize.

17. Isnart shall decide at its discretion the conditions to elect the Absolute winner, among all category winners (see art. 16).